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yoga by the beach


Hey guys! So I’m shedding calories today as my #FitnessFriday initiative! I reckon there’s nothing like starting the day with a good workout session; especially outdoors given how refreshing it is. I’ve been experimenting with different outdoor workouts and here’s what I did today: –

  1. Went to the beach
  2. Breathing exercises/Prāṇāyām (10 minutes)
  3. Ran (20 minutes)
  4. Stretched (10 minutes)

Do let me know how you make your workouts fun in the comments below and have a fab Friday!

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Vinayak Killekar

Hello-ya Sarah.. hope well-being.. appreciate your varied life passion in creative culinary business service and keen on having healthy living priority!.. Big time fan of your FoxLife tele show-cast presentation.. Just to reiterate on the routine fitness schedule is that I do prefer cardio morning Jog/Brisk Walk by the town country side of porvorim-goa.. catching up vitamin D factor of sunshine by the rivulets.. observing birds and much more about no-mind state.. Whilst prefer weight lifting program in the later evening which gets sufficient time to rest post high calorie burn-out program.. refer food combination chart to generate more oxygen and energy levels within physiology.. Somewhere wish to share an creative food combination chart for effective digestion technique which may be equally of your personal interest can email across just to share knowledge-base information.. Love and Regards.. Vinny 🙂

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