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How To Increase Your Productivity



A balanced life wasn’t really an existent one for me up until a couple of years ago. Time and again we come across fitness regimes and healthy New Year’s resolutions that fade away, again with time. A lot of thoughtful evenings alone, a tonne of introspection and some research later, I prepared my how-to-go-about-everyday mantra; and it pretty much works for me! In order to squeeze a little bit of health into your busy schedule here’s a little reminder: –


(i) Did you know that Yoga has a clever way of defusing the mental configurations that cause anxiety?



Yoga_Sarah Todd Living


(ii) Including fruits in your diet and sleeping well bolsters the functioning of your body as a whole and can keep the doctor away!



fresh foods_australia


(iii) Eating the right foods in the right quantity and at the right times help you simply feel better for starters. Pun intended!



healthy drink_Sarah Todd


So why not begin today by investing time on “health” and “how to be healthy” instead of losing time tomorrow at the doctors? Give it a little thought, do some research and make your very own maximize-my-productivity list; and share the same in the comments below and I’ll get right back!


Be your awesome wholesome self, starting today. 🙂

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Sk Ajmear sarif

Eat lots of fruits vegitables nuts and meat also some exercise every morning and evening keeps doctor away


    Sarah Todd

    Yes, absolutely!


Piyali Mukherjee

A humble, generous thought for a new beginning. Appreciate the effort taken by u to apprise others to stay healthy.
Thank you Sara…


    Sarah Todd

    You’re very welcome Piyali 🙂


Mohammad Milon

Thanks for the advice! Love you. 🙂



Hai madam,
Your article is good. Addition to yoga try some herbal drinks in morning which will heals and make us fresh from inside..the traditional foods which made by cereals and grains give lots nutritions and really good for health.if possible learn some tamil nadu’s receipes madam..

Thank you..

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