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Prahran Market In Melbourne

My Favourite Fresh Produce Market


I love fresh foods and the Prahran Market in Melbourne is my favourite food shop destination. They have an abundance of fresh produce, organic products, and serve great coffee; which is why I’m a weekly visiting, loyal customer. Everything from their baked goods to seafood, meat, and other sought-after food items has its customer base growing. I strongly recommend their coffee!!!

To me, the merry bunch of knowledgeable staff, fresh ambiance and the warm hustle and bustle of Prahran Market feels like nothing but home. Comment below the name and location of your favourite food shop; I’d love checking them out! 🙂



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I think good cooking habits start with shopping at it favourite place and with your own experiences and knowledge with your ideas about your dish ….. it’s feeling nice to watch you on tv shows cooking as like as at home….lot to say………have a nice time


    Sarah Todd

    Thank you very much! 🙂


Arunav Chatterjee

That’s really good to know about Prahran Market, Melbourne👍👌 Will definitely go there when I go Australia😊


    Sarah Todd

    Yes, you really should! 🙂

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