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Simple Ideas For Decorating Your Kitchen



A kitchen, for me, is the heart of a home and here’s a bit of what I do to keep things pumped and pleasant in my kitchen: –

(i) Greens in the kitchen – have potted plants or a mini garden as they add a tonne of life to the kitchen; fresh fruits or veggies on display also work


(ii) The highly recommended A, B & C (aka Airy, Bright & Cyan) – leave the windows open whenever possible, let the sunlight in & have a tinge of cyan somewhere because I wanted to get the C in there 😁


(iii) Play with the pastels – try pastel coloured kitchenware before jumping onto pastel coloured cabinets or kitchen walls; that way you’ll know what colours you really prefer

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I hope these points have given you a rough idea of what you need to get working on in your kitchen and let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions or ideas on how-to-decorate-your-kitchen! Here’s to making it count! ☺️

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Vishay Kumar

Good article!! Nice and simple ideas. Definitely worth trying.


    Sarah Todd

    Thank you, Vishay.


S. Kj

Nice tips ! adding or changing lighting is the best one I have tried so far. A well lit airy kitchen can be accomplished by simple inexpensive changes in lighting. Under cabinet lighting can give that sophisticated look at minimum price. Simply changing the knob pulls can totally change the appearance of the cabinets. Regarding pastels they do look amazing on the walls and add to lighting compared to darker colors.


    Sarah Todd

    These are some useful points. Thank you very much!

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