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Morning Routine

From The Healthy Model Guide


I truly believe that we can maximise our productivity if we’re off to a great start. And here’s my morning routine💃🏻

1) Wake up, freshen up & down a glass of lukewarm water: To feel fresh, smell good & to aid the you-know-what process

2) Breathing/Pranayam:
To supply more oxygen to my brain, in order to ward off the sleepy-headedness

3) Exercise/go for a run: To burn some calories & get pumped for the beautiful day ahead of me

4) Check my emails, work on new content for the website & make a plan of action:
To stay connected, organised & to track my progress

5) Have breakfast & get started on the above plan:
To get energised & movin’

Let me know how you start the day and how you get the most out of it below! Stay motivated all you good souls & have a happy week ahead.❤️

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Dear madam
I read your article. Its really motivated and simple but worthable. Keep doing. Futher the photographs itself telling the whole story. Say a thanks to you photographer madam.

Kind regards


    Sarah Todd

    Sure Selvam, thank you very much! 🙂

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