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Tips For Your Kitchen

From A Chef ‘n’ Mum


The secret to having a pleasant kitchen, according to me is taking care of the following: –

(i) Hygiene: Did you know that getting one meal ready can contaminate about 90% of the surfaces touched, without the chef/cook even realising there’s anything there? Well, that’s what the 2012 Lysol Cross-Contamination Study has revealed. It is as important to disinfect your kitchen towels, cleaning cloths & sponges as it is to use clean hands when cooking among other hygiene measures.


(ii) Proper ventilation: Have those windows open, use the exhaust fans or other ventilation systems you may have installed. It is nice to walk into a house that smells great and even more so when you walk into a kitchen that smells good if not great! Ensure proper air circulation in your kitchen (and your home) by opening windows or with an air purifier or by keeping small indoor plants.

(iii) Avoid clutter: It may seem a good idea to own a tonne of fancy, expensive kitchen items until you stop using them and they’re just piling up in the kitchen cabinets/kitchen counter. When buying goods for your home/kitchen, re-check the items (before making the payment) and make a mental note of when & why you will be needing them! Buy useful kitchenware, that also are appealing to look at; however, remember that ‘minimalism’ is key to avoid clutter.

(iv) Experiment with kitchen appliances & kitchenware: Do this *only* when you know you need a dash of newness or that you need to get rid of the ancient food processor that now qualifies as a true relic. Buy pretty stuff that are useful to you and that add to the spirit of your kitchen rather than clutter the kitchen.

I realize that there are more ways to maintain a kitchen! Let me know in the comments below (fellow mommies & daddies) what your tips and suggestions are.

Have yourself a happy Saturday!☺️

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