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Broth anyone?



For years now, I have gone for a chicken soup or a good broth for a quick boost in energy.  Also, makes combating cold & cough a lot better. The reason we offer chicken soup or bone broth for the ones struck down by the dreaded cold is plenty. Bone broth contains collagen/gelatin, glucosamine, calcium, magnesium and amino acids – basically good stuff for our bodies. I also understand that this perfect nutrient rich broth takes hours to be prepared; but being a working single mum I need a quick fix, the ready-to-go-into-the-tummy-with-nutrients kind. And to make my life easier, I’ve found the perfect pick up Be Broth – at selected Woolworths Supermarkets.

Be Broth recipes were created by working with an internationally renowned chef and comes in a portable pouch for easy on-the-go pour, heat and sip. I mean bless them for this! So after a tonne of research and having the first-hand experience with Be Broth, I decided to share this with you – Be Broth and I are collaborating to create the 5-day ‘Be Better Challenge’ to help break some habits (like downing your second or third cup of coffee) and start a healthy one with us or at least give you an option. I say, jump on board and give this healthy competition a shot and we’ll let the results speak for themselves.

The challenge is to say no to sugary snacks or caffeine after midday for five days straight. And say yes to the delicious pick-me-up with a serving of Be Broth in either Lemongrass Chicken, Beef Infused with Ginger or Vegetable Infused with Beetroot flavours. Think you can do it with me? 😃 #ad


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Sunil Satpute

Really happy to see you chef Ur doing great job.ur show very osham . every show something new learning.thks to chef .

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