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Trends come and go so often that I wouldn’t recommend you follow suit each time. Instead, make little additions or deletions whenever you think is required and possible. Off late, I’ve observed how an all white kitchen is quite sought after.

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A major chunk of the kitchen is white – walls, cabinets, counters etc. – with subtle but significant colour details; this includes having fancy looking kitchen cloths, tea towels, napkins, copper or rose gold utensils, pastel-coloured ceramics etc. I’ve also come across a tonne of hand-made ceramics that are big in the kitchen world. However, that is only if you are looking to go all out and with a solid budget.

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Floating island benches and mismatched chairs around the table is another trend I’ve come across. Getting the tabletop covered in floral tablecloths or having chic table runners also help up the style game in the dining room or the kitchen area. Gone are the days when all us wanted everything to match and be uniform. Diversity is the in thing today and looks like it is here to stay!

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Speaking of diversity, people in the places I’ve been to recently, are all opting for simplified food than fine dining – most people across the globe are going for tasty and less gastronomical items. People seem to be going back to their roots, learning about their own culinary traditions and putting it to practice.

Also, did you know that seasonal vegetables, fruits etc. are picked over the ones, not in season?

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One simple reason that this practice is being followed is the inexpensiveness of the items in the season versus the items out of season. When certain items are not in season or not produced in a place/country, they need to be imported from elsewhere and this bumps up their prices. The secondary but substantial reason that this farm-to-table approach is growing extensively, is because one gets to cook with fresh, seasonal produce that results in delicious and flavoursome dishes.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve come across any other kitchen or food trends and have an awesome day ahead! ❤️



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