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Points To Remember

When At A Table


As much as we celebrate food & drink, it is quite important that a certain discipline is followed when dining/eating out. Remember these basic points and win brownie points for your table manners: –

i) Bread goes to your left, the meal in the centre and lastly water to your right – Bread, Meal, Water (BMW) for short.

ii) Forks go to the left, then the plate, then the knives, then spoons – Daniel Post Senning suggests this acronym-like word “FO(r)KS” that stands for Forks, O (for the plate), Knives, Spoons.

iii) It is best to pass salt & pepper together; even when someone just asks for one of these.



iv) Napkins should be used to only dab your lips – do not use it like you would a tissue.

v) When you leave your seat to use the restroom, leave your napkin on your chair – it’ll save your seat & not clutter your table.

vi) After your meal, loosely fold the napkin & place it to the left of your plate; wait for the host to do so first.



vii) Follow the outside-in approach when using the cutlery – meaning work your way in with each course. 

viii) The water glass is placed often placed closest to the right hand – an inch or so above the dinner knife.

ix) The wine glass sits to the right – possibly above the water glass.



x) Before starting your meal, wait for everyone at your table to be seated & served – it is best to be considerate.

xi) Refrain from taking phone calls or using your phone when at a table – it is best to give real people your undivided attention.

xii) Eating with your mouth closed is ideal – however slurping away your delicious ramen ain’t no crime in Japan.

xiii) Eating “finger foods” with your fingers is one thing – but there ain’t no roti in India that can be eaten with a fork & spoon.

xiv) It is best to be aware of the cuisine you’re about to indulge in rather than being clueless at the table – do your research – Google the cuisine or follow the host & always have a happy meal!😘

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