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Saransh Goila has won hearts with his desi culinary magic over the years and he’s definitely won mine with his flavourful yet delicate Butter Chicken.  This India ka super chef has been tapping into his interest in the food world since the age of 12 – we all know the jalebi story! His love for cooking, his cheekiness & spirit have taken him places & even made him the first Indian chef for having travelled 20,000 kms by road in 100 days discovering India’s distinct falvours! Time to celebrate as Saransh Goila Butter Chicken is opening its second outlet in Bandra, Mumbai 19th June – so we all get to taste a bit of this magic! Recounting my little chitchat with him…

Sarah: How did you fall for butter chicken?

Saransh: Well it wasn’t love at first bite! I fell for it when I cooked my household paneer recipe and dunked chicken in it instead of paneer. Luck-by-chance happened. It quickly graduated into people appreciating the recipe and that love for butter chicken that people have made me fall in love with the fact that I could cook something that makes people so happy.

Sarah: I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Never trust a skinny chef” how do you balance being surrounded by food and staying in shape?

Saransh: Yes I’ve been teased and taunted with that quite a bit. In college a professor inspired me to be a chef who’s fit and does not have a belly; I take a lot of pride in being in shape because as a food person it is difficult. I don’t really believe in “Diet” but I do believe in balanced meals and eating. I run to keep fit about 3 times a week and whenever I’m eating unhealthy I try not to binge and I watch my portions. Having said that, I still eat everything!

Sarah: You’ve travelled all over India – What is your absolute favourite city for delicious food?

Saransh: I absolutely love Surat and all the street food it has to offer. 

Sarah: If you were stranded on an island, what 3 ingredients would you take with you? 

Saransh: Eggs, rice & corn.

Sarah: If you had to pick between a lassi & a mocktail and what flavour would you choose? 

Saransh: Has to be lassi. I’d have a simple kesar pista for lassi.

Sarah: A cappuccino or a glass of garam chai on a rainy day?

Saransh: Garam Chai for sure!

Sarah: From the below, whom would you kiss, marry or date?

  • Shipra Khanna
  • Amrita Raichand
  • Ravinder Bhogal

Saransh: Haha! Why is there no Sarah Todd on this list?

Amrita Raichand!

Sarah: From all the chefs you know, whom do you want to cook a meal for?

Saransh: I’d love to cook a meal for Gordon Ramsay!

Sarah: Name a chef/host who makes you go green when you see him or her on tv? 

Saransh: Nigella!

Sarah: Would you rather go beast-mode-on at the gym or would you run for your life?

Saransh: Has to be run for my life 

Sarah: Since I already know that cashews are the secret to your super creamy butter chicken, can I get one more secret recipe out? 

Saransh: Dhungar – The ancient coal smoking technique lends a unique smoky flavour to Goila Butter Chicken: –


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