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Travel Essentials

by Sarah Todd


Travel Essentials

You do not want to be that person constantly panicking about what’s packed for a travel and what’s not! Making a list of items to be carried with you may look like an assignment but it is a travel essential.  Take it from me (a helpless traveler hopelessly in love with travelling) making a list helps. Without further ado, I’d like to pen down my “rough” and extremely superficial travel essentials’ list for those of you that could use it: –

Travel essentials

i) All my gadgets & chargers (adapters and the works) – don’t we all know that our gadgets sense that we’re travelling and sometimes play with us by draining their batteries!

ii) Passport/visas – because you have to play the immigration game to get overseas

iii) Travel insurance – this is critical as nobody wants to lose items or time and not receive anything back as compensation

iv) Currencies/money – have this sorted before you board your transportation to your destination

v) Medicines/drugs – health matters, period.

vi) Toiletries & makeup – you always get complimentary toiletries in most hotels, however carrying a few personal items is recommended

vii) Moisturiser for the night – staying in air-conditioned hotels shall takes a toll on your skin so moisturise well

viii) Summer clothes for Holland or whichever your destination country is – because it’s not winter everywhere!  Do you hear me Australia!! (Do not forget gym clothes and shoes if you’re like me.)

ix) Footwear – do not overdo this

x) Dry shampoo – for the luxury of getting your hair styled in a jiffy

xi) Blow dryer – given that the ones from the hotel might not be as good as you expect them to be

xii) A backpack or a large bag – to help you dump the things you need on the go (and still have room for more)

xiii) Headphones – because even I like to think that I’m a movie star and I’ve got some real BGM adding to my pump

Of course, each of the above points has at least 5-10 sub categories (not divulging all that yet!). It truly helps when you have listed all that you want to take along with you in a book or your cell phone.  Consequently, you can check them off as and when you’ve packed them. This is an organised approach and don’t we all know the benefits of starting a journey that way!

Make sure to also carry an essentials-for-life list along with you when you’re starting out and in the destination.   Keep it with you till you get back because nobody deserves to lose items (or peace of mind) over missing goods. Hold on to the travel essentials list for your dear life and use it.

Planning is Everything

I normally Google the hell out of the place I’m about to visit and do as much research as I can before getting there.  Therefore, when I do, it’s such a deja vu! I’ve realised with time and experience that planning your travel (before you even start packing) lays the foundation for the success of your trip. Plan the budget, plan the duration, the accommodation and the food (especially if you eat select food items).

Choose the places you simply have to visit or the things you have to do no matter the mosquito bites!  Above all, plan for the best and the worst case scenarios – I am dead serious about this point. You just never know what might come your way.  However, planning well in advance helps avoid such situations or at least you’ll be mentally prepped.

Therefore, dear reader, get yourself ready like you’re moving to Mars (okay, maybe not that much but my point remains!). Planning realistically is, however, the most critical factor. Be easy on yourself, take a day or two off. The markets, the people and the monuments ain’t going nowhere and your body will thank you for the time out.

Travel tips to travel like a pro

I always make sure I eat lightly and cut out all coffee, tea and alcohol in the 24 hr lead up to a flight.  These plus the flight will leave you extremely dehydrated.  Consequently, I drink a lot of water.  Generally, a flight from Australia to anywhere overseas is anywhere between 5 to 24 hours so you have to be prepared.  I travel with a good set of headphones and download a new book on my laptop. Make sure everything is charged. The first thing I do when I get on a flight is to remove all makeup and use a heavy moisturiser.  Finally, I like to slather pawpaw ointment on my lips. 

I stick to vegetarian and mostly stay away from anything heavily carby and I don’t eat any sugar. Lastly, make sure you customise your travel essentials list based on the culture, climate and the duration of your trip. Minimalism is key if you want to travel light.

travel essentials by Sarah Todd

Have a safe & colourful journey when you do!

Lots of ❤️ from Holland

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Have your used visit a city app? If not check it out. You can plan ahead and see what’s on offer for your destination. Good luck


    Sarah Todd

    Thanks, Keli, that sounds useful. I’ll keep that noted! Cheers 🙂


Harshal Sawant

Enjoy & TC …Sarah …


    Sarah Todd

    Thanks, Harshal, you too! 😉


Loraine Lee

Hi Sarah. I googled you after seeing the last 20 mins of your programme on opening the restaurant in India as I didn’t recognise you.

My travel tip for when living out of a suitcase are ‘travel bags’ meaning underwear in one, bikinis another and so on….I also put labels on the outside so I can see at a glance what’s in each one


    Sarah Todd

    Hi Loraine, Thanks for having visited and for your useful tip!
    Have a grand one 🙂

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