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Raksha Bandhan

literally means the “protection bond”


Raksha Bandhan Festival

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival and is observed in some parts of India and Nepal. The tradition has it, that siblings share a sacred and special bond; especially the bond between a brother and his sister. The Hindi words raksha bandhan literally translate to protection bond and is reflective of the commitment a brother has towards his sister of protecting her. On the day of the festival, the brother will have his wrist tied with a bracelet (called “Rakhi”; all the curious souls can buy one here) by his sister or as many sisters he has. Conventionally, no two brothers tie rakhis to each other; it is essentially a celebration of the bond shared solely by a brother and his sister. So while the sister gifts her brother a rakhi, he promises his love and commitment (of protecting) to her for life.

Rakhis at a street stall

Rakhis at a street stall


Aarti plate

Aarti plate

Raksha Bandhan Today

The celebration has indeed evolved with time, with brothers gifting their sisters in return and mind you, there’s a tonne of sweets (imagine kaju katli) and desserts that are given. In Hindi, they often say, “Muh meetha karo” which translates to “sweeten the mouth” and everyone goes berserk on pedas, sweet dishes and even chocolates!

Today, many siblings tie rakhis to each other and even to their parents, breaking the norm and celebrating love. Here’s how some of the celebs in India are making merry on Raksha Bandhan today. No matter where you are or what you’re onto do not forget to share a laugh with your beloved and of course indulge in good food and have a joyous day! ❤️

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Prasoon Mishra

This was a perfect insight of what the festival is meant to be. The celebration of the bond of love, care and protection between a brother and his sister(s).
Well done Sarah!


    Sarah Todd

    Thank you very much for your words, Prasoon! 🙂

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