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Fishing At The Whitsundays

Ladies’ Day Out


A bunch of wonderful women and I went fishing at the Whitsundays Islands with Renegade Fishing Charters last Tuesday and it was indeed the best ever! I’m so proud when I tell you that my cousin Allira and her husband Luke Griffiths started Renegade Fishing Charters. Today they own and operate it and it is a premium game, sport and reef fishing charter operating in the Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia. They have two charters so they take groups of people out fishing both off the mainland to Whitsundays and also off Hamilton Island. A lot of you know about the Whitsundays Islands as a popular tourist destination in the Southern Hemisphere off the central coast of Queensland, Australia in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. With the scenic beauty of the place and the horizon dotted with numerous islands, it is quite a piece of heaven.


So we started out our fishing expedition at 07:30 in the morning and were literally fishing till 05:00 o’clock in the afternoon! Can you beat that? At first, when I found out we were fishing for that long, I was like “What are we going to do for that long?!” But by the end, I did not want to go home.

We basically went trolling across the surface of the ocean and it was super fun. How many of you knew that trolling and trawling are two methods of fishing? When you draw the baited fishing lines with lures or baitfish through the water to fish it is trolling. And when you pull fishing nets (called trawls) through the water from behind the boat it is trawling. So we not only hung our fishing rods off the back of the boat but also set went trolling. Then we flipped out when we almost caught a sailfish because many of you may know how pricey it is.

We then fished at a deep spot by dropping our fishing rods about 60 metres down into the bottom of the ocean. Here we ended up catching a Red Emperor and two others!

We then had wraps and delicious sandwiches for lunch and we were so pumped we ended up dancing all the way home with a bottle of champagne and cheese platter! The day was such a fun adventure and the weather was just perfect. Nothing like the Whitsundays Islands in the spring! The spectacular landscape indeed took our breaths away! The water was crisp, calm and so blue that you’d wonder how there could ever be a storm. Natural calamities and disasters seem impossible when the same piece of nature is so peacefully serene. Nonetheless, after the rough times, we just experienced with the cyclone in the Whitsundays, the hurricanes in the Americas, the earthquake in Mexico and the heavy rainfall in India, the ocean was full of fish and life and somehow the whole ecosystem seemed to be getting to its feet. Embrace all the good around you because we never know when nature’s gonna make us feel insignificant! Make the moments count and give out love unconditionally.

That’s all for today folks. Go out today, take a break and make it count!

Lots of love,

Sarah Todd!

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Arun Kumar K K

I like your programs. keep it up



Hi Sarah!

Thank you for sharing all this with us! I love it and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I just learned the difference between trolling and trawling haha. I might be going to Australia next year for the first time! I will try to visit that place you talked about! 😁
I love the way you enjoy, and appreciate life. Your soul is as beautiful as your smile! Take care and enjoy every moment of your day!


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