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Summer Picnics

Pack your perfect picnic basket


A family picnic is one of my favourite outdoor activities. Because of the beautiful weather we are blessed with in North Queensland where I grew up, picnics and barbecues are enjoyed all year round. So, when the sun poked through the clouds today in Melbourne after a couple of overcast days, I got straight into the kitchen to prepare a picnic basket.

Essentially, the key to having the perfect picnic is preparation. Once you’ve prepared your feast, you need a collection of handy containers to transport your goodies and Click Clack’s versatile Daily Range is perfect for the job. So, here are my go-to tips to pull off that ideal picnic day-cation:

Cake storage

Turn your click clack container upside down for a handy cake holder.  Place your cake on the lid and ice.  Place the base of the container on top and seal.  You don’t have to transfer the cake or pavlova; you can simply serve on the lid.

Picnic Pavlova in Click Clack container

Healthy Food game

I love creating individualised salads which are easily kept fresh in lunchboxes. Flies and birds can hone in on the food if the salad ingredients are spread out on the table or picnic blanket.  I remember picnicking at Eungella National Park and a cheeky kookaburra swooped down and deftly collected a piece of chicken from the picnic table.  The salads can vary according to your family or friends’ tastes, whether it’s sliced meats, cheese, salad, mini wraps or pieces of fruit.

DIY activities

Half the fun at a picnic is avoiding kitchen cleanups. Children love fruit skewers.  Place chopped fresh fruit in a large container and pack some skewers in your basket.   See how much fun the kids have making their own fruit skewers.


Take a container full of cut crudités and vegetables. In a separate container, fill homemade pre-prepared hummus.  I remember enjoying this delicious homemade snack with my mother as we sat in an open top bus while touring London.

Be creative

Today’s picnic menu:

  • Tacos with fresh coleslaw and garlic prawns,
  • pikelets with jam and clotted cream,
  • fresh berry salad, and
  • Phoenix’s chocolate chip cookies.

Picnic chocolate chip cookies in Click Clack container


Other essentials

Make sure to carry:

  • a portable cooler
  • blanket
  • basket
  • outdoor games
  • water
  • biodegradable napkins, plates and cups
  • garbage bag so you can take your rubbish with you
  • keep your phone camera handy for those insta-worthy pictures and selfies


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