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Me, Michael Kors and Mumbai’s vada pav


Michael Kors

Michael Kors has grown from strength to strength to become a global retail force. In the 38 years since his eponymous label was founded its designer has been the heart and soul of it. His accessories are affordable and aspirational. His clothing range is designed for ease of movement, in simple yet flattering patterns but in luxurious fabrics.

He designs for a strong, smart, sophisticated and successful woman who juggles a million things at once yet manages to look super chic. This is why I often find myself drawn to his pieces.  I love this combo of  a logo t-shirt over high-waisted printed pants.   Eyewear completes the look for my very own street food haul.  These pieces are from their Spring Summer 2019 collection. Like all fashion trends making comebacks, Michael Kors has incorporated one of the biggest trends of the season – logo mania. Not for the faint of heart, it can be worked in a chic yet playful manner just like I’ve styled here.

Michael Kors

Christian Louboutin

I’ve thrown in a red embroidered quilted bomber jacket and worn a multi-coloured striped heel from Christian Louboutin. Launched in 1991, shoes from this French footwear label are so unique that they can easily be recognized. I associate them with luxury and celebrities; no woman’s accessory edit is complete without a pair. Christian Louboutin believes that his shoes have the ability to make any woman look sexy, beautiful and make her legs look as long as possible.  What makes designs from both brands so ‘coveted’? Personally, I feel Michael Kors and Christian Louboutin  add modern edginess to your closet.

Michael Kors


Speaking of that edgy vibe, my rings from Pipa Bella, a trendy fashion accessory label are contemporary, cool and seriously wearable works of art. The cherry on the cake for my entire look is the simple vada pav. Without sounding biased, it’s the undisputed winner among street foods in Mumbai. For me digging into one of the most gratifying streets food is the best thing ever. Legend has it that this popular Maharashtrian breakfast or snack was invented in 1966 and since then has been synonyms with Mumbai.


Micheal Kors

P.S. I eat it anytime during the day. Basically vada pav is the Indian burger or a poor man’s burger with spice and garlic powder. Filled with a potato patty, it’s made of a spicy potato filing which is coated with chickpea flour batter and then deep fried. These are sandwiched into spongy and yummy bread which is coated generously with spicy, tangy chutney and spicy green chilies. I’d suggest that you wash down vada pav with a cup of masala tea. If you are a finicky vada pav lover, you’ll find them on the menu in a bunch of posh places in Mumbai.

Honestly, even writing about it makes me salivate.  Not only did I enjoy playing dress up in luxury brands and relish the delectable street food, I also had a mad experience creating impromptu videos and giving ode to the streets of Mumbai city.

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