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Tale of Two Cities

New Delhi and Melbourne


Tale of Two Cities

tale of two cities

All those who know me, will be aware that I’m constantly living out of a suitcase which can also leave me feeling a little homesick so I’ve started finding all the little things about other cities which remind me of home.

I’ve been travelling to India now for nearly five years and it’s won me over.   I couldn’t help but notice how its major metropolitan cities resemble the ones in Australia. At times similarities are only imagined but for me these are so real.  Prepare yourselves for some serious ‘home away from home’ feel.

New Delhi and Melbourne

Although both cities are remarkable on their own, they are similar, not so much in terms of aesthetic but in the fact that they are jam packed with cultural activities such that no two days are the same. They are extremely family oriented and have magnificent parks and gardens with a focus on quality of lifestyle.

Melbourne and New Delhi are a melting pot for upscale restaurants and cafes which offer a plethora of world cuisines.  Whether you are looking for modern, traditional or even exotic flavours they’ve got everything to satisfy any foodie’s culinary cravings.

Ask any local and they’ll second that Chin Chin, Victoria market and Kettle Black Cafe reminds them of Comorin, Hauz Khas Village and The Civil Cafe respectively.


  1. Chin Chin– With a relaxed vibe, Chin Chin brings modern Thai food to Melbourne.  With an almost party like feel, their food is an experience in itself which speaks highly about the skilful chef behind it all.

Queen Victoria Markets Melbourne

  1. Queen Victoria Market– Melbourne is notoriously famous for delectable seafood and multiple cuisines.   You can snack to your heart’s content at their never ending list of eateries.  Their authentic shops and stalls will keep you busy for hours on end.

  1. Kettle black café –  I love the minimalist vibe and of course their refreshing menu.  It’s the kind of place that actually blurs the lines between being a café or a restaurant.

New Delhi

  1. Comorin– This relaxed space serves comfort Indian food and it’s the brainchild of none other than chef Manish Mehlotra.   As well as the classics, you’ll also come across innovative dishes and cocktails with unexpected combinations.

  1. Hauz Khas Village– This visual gourmet wonderland is full of offbeat cafes and restaurants.  Their endless shops and galleries are worth visiting. It’s the kind of place visit to take a break from your hectic daily life.

  1. The Civil House– If you are looking for peace in the chaotic city of New Delhi then this space with its white walls is everything you need.   The legendary Chef Hemant Oberoi uses an imaginative pairing of flavours to create food that will keep you coming back for more.

If like me, you have an eye for fashion then both cities are an oasis of artwork and trendsetting designers.   You’ll be spoilt for choice with high end international brands too.

Melbourne and New Delhi are both cultural hubs with a variety of plays, musicals, exhibits and fine art shows on offer.  The vibrant nightlife scene boasts experiences for all age groups with pubs, night clubs, jazz bars, and farm parties too. Last but not the least, Melbourne’s trams are a novel and convenient form of transport in the city.  Back in the day, New Delhi too had trams which stopped abruptly. Sooner or later, locals are looking forward to bringing those vintage vibes into vogue again.

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