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Mumbai has umpteen cuisines to explore that are intrinsically woven into its fabric such that the two can’t be separated. Among them is Parsi food. When India became a British colony and was governed by the East India Company, many Parsis moved here in search of business opportunities. Soon their dishes became everyone’s staple breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nevertheless it feels kinda underrated.  One of their popular dishes is Akuri which looks like egg burji but is a Parsi scrambled egg.

Sarah Todd eating Parsi Akari

Parsi Akuri – scrambled eggs

Parsis have a saying, “when in doubt break an egg (eedu) on it” and they celebrate eggs in all their golden glory.  To toss up a mean Parsi Akuri, start by heating some oil in a pan and add chopped green chilies.  Next  add onion tomato masala, garlic, salt, haldi powder, red chili powder and sambar masala. Break eggs in another bowl and whisk.   Combine the egg mixture with the other ingredients. Keep the texture soft and runny while trying not to overcook it. Akuri is finished off with butter and served with toasted bread.  This yummy soul food with a delicious buttery taste creates an explosion of flavours in the mouth.


Confluence Jewellery

Watch my Youtube and IGTV video for more.  While creating content I often enjoy wearing outfits from my personal collection such as this striped dress. To step it up, I’ve styled it with Confluence jewellery pieces which are great conversation starters and can become the most trans-formative accessories one can ever wear.

After taking just one look at their creations, I have started making room for them in my bauble box. Synonymous with superior quality and crystal expertise, this global brand has a local perspective along with Indian forces of fashion. Plus, it’s catering to local tastes of a modern millennial. Their crystal infused line includes designs which have a traditional approach, yet are contemporary in their appeal.

With ‘ethnic chic’ being a part of its DNA, they blend tradition with modernity in unexpected ways. The exceptional craftsmanship stands out, as every piece is hand-made. Essentially, such authentic pieces are not at all complicated or a hassle to style with. Not only did the earrings and handcuff brighten my look, but they gave my ensemble a touch of elegance.

They are ideal for those of you, like me, who are looking to draw inspiration from such intricate jewels and dress accordingly.  Their lines have something for everyone and every creation tells a story.

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